Berean Missionary Baptist Church
The Church Grows as it knows.
Women Ministry President, Intercessor, Teacher, Worship Leader and Reconciliation Counselor.

The 15th sibling born to Reverend and Mrs. A.T. Riley in Gillette, Arkansas; united in marriage September 12, 1976 to Charles Ford, founding Pastor of Berean Missionary Baptist Church located in Minneapolis, MN, where she serves, supports and assists weekly as pulpit conductor alongside him.

​History making came for Berean Church happened when Sister Ford accepted God’s call on her life, preached her trial sermon and was charged and licensed by Pastor Ford and Berean Church to go forth and preach the gospel, do the work of an evangelist and make full proof her ministry.
Her boldness to teach God’s word is evident as she exhorts and encourages listeners to reach a deeper level of intimacy through prayer, character building and reconciliation.
Nationally and internationally God has opened doors for Sister Ford allowing her gifts to make room for her as she minister in:
  • Las Vegas, Nevada Church for women retreat and Sunday morning worship under the leadership of Greater Carver Pastor, Reverend Alphonse McCloed. 
  • Guatemala City, Guatemala, Sister Ford was honored to minister alongside Marilyn Hickey and Sarah Bowling, founding Pastor of Marilyn Hickey ministries, in Denver, Colorado.
  • Rome, Italy ministering in Syracuse, Naples, Pampali and Palermo; then crossing the Mediterranean Sea by ferry boat arriving in Rome in the footsteps of the Apostle Paul.
  • Israel International Woman’s Mentoring Exchange, Sister Ford ministered to Orthodox Jews and Arab Christians, encouraging the women of different faiths to live in peace.
  • Cairo, Egypt, the land of Moses, she ministered aboard a ship down the Nile River as the hunger for God’s presence increased with each night.
  • Indonesia, located in Southeast Asia, has the world’s largest Hindu Temple and Muslim population; a land known for its temples, shrines and stone idols. Demons screamed as Gods Power went forth to the Hindus, Muslims, the poor as well as the wealthy. Many lives were transformed throughout Indonesia by the power of God. 
  • Costa Rica, a city wide healing meeting and women mentoring session at Centro Evangelistic Church.
  • Beijing and Hong Kong, China, Sister Ford traveled with Marilyn Hickey Ministry to a leadership conference ministering to young pastors and leaders from the underground churches there. 
Her character is a life of integrity; she knows that all things are from God, who through Jesus Christ reconciled us to himself and gave to us the ministry of reconciliation that by the word and deed our aim is to bring other into harmony with Him. On September 26, 2012 Rev. Margean Ford received her Doctorate of Ministry Degree from The College of Pastoral Care and Ministry Department from Dr. David Sigversten, President of the Minnesota Graduate School of Theology.

On the home front, Sister Ford implements Intercessory Prayer, believing that a life of prayer is vital to the strength and growth of any Saint of God, spiritual maintenance services, conferences and retreat teachings on How to think like a servant and restoring broken fellowship. Recently Sister Ford was selected receiving 1 of 12 2011 Leadership Award from MN Chapter International Black Women’s Congress. In addition to Berean Licensed Child Care director, Sister Ford was employed by Honeywell for 30+ years.

​She now attends Berean Academy of Higher Learning, founded by God’s visionary and school instructor Charles Ford; her Pastor, Groom and Earthly Hero.

Reverand Dr.Margean Riley-Ford